Hello World 🙂 Welcome to my personal website. I have just completed and obtained a first class Bachelor of Science with honours degree in Computer Science at Birmingham City University.  Over the past couple of years whilst studying at university I have been working along side BCU developing interactive learning resources for undergraduate students for Moodle (BCU’s virtual learning environment) these resources were used to provide first and second year students support with Coursework and Exam Revision. During my undergraduate studies at BCU,  I have been teaching and demonstrating modules to undergraduate students, these include: Software Development, Linux and Open Source Software, Hardware and Software Systems, Networking Fundamentals and Management and Web Technologies.  I provided students knowledge and support for 2 years before I graduated. After graduating I decided to continue with further studies onto a masters degree. The main areas I enjoyed during my degree were the Networking and Linux side of Computer Science degree. I choose my masters degree to branch off into Networking. BCU’s masters degree will provide me with skills in Software Defined Networks (SDN), Ethical Hacking and further knowledge of the CCNA/CCNPA curriculum.