Written by Ian Taylor

I am a Computer Science student at Birmingham City University. Since an early age computers have been one of my great interests. Over the years computers have become a passion to me from how they work to being able to develop my own software and playing games. I was never brought up with a desktop computer, so any chance I could get on to a computer I was always the first to do so. My first computer was when I started secondary school with dial-up internet that still makes me laugh today. The speed and the noise can only be explained if you have ever used a dial-up internet connection. During secondary school I used to stay after back for a couple of hours a week to take apart and rebuild some of the old computers, we also was able to take these machines home for our own use. A few years later I decided to rebuild and upgrade it.







I decided to create a Space Invaders game for my first year Software Development Coursework. The theme of the project was to create an 80's retro arcade game. (Click to view more about my Space Invaders project)






After developing my first game "Space Invaders" I have decided to create a new game which I am currently in the process of working on. The next game that I am working on is Snakes and Ladders. I have designed my own game, images and I am currently in starting to code the game.






I have setup and configured a basic DHCP server in Ubuntu 12.04, I have used a basic subnet declaration of my class C IP range from to with a subnet mask of






I was given a scenario to design a network for a school. My networked had to cover two classrooms, a staffroom and an office. Each room had an individual amount of standalone computers that needed to be networked and my design kept the server room under lock and key through the staffroom so that it was out of the way for unauthorized access.