BSc Computer Science

Final Year Project

Making a decision on what I could do for my year project was a difficult decision. Over the 3 years of studying Computer Science, I had come up with a number of different project ideas and changed them when I thought of a better project. For my final year project, I decided to create something that would be original and studying a computer course provided me with the idea of a common problem both staff and students experience daily.

I decided to create a system, that will inform the user that their USB flash drive remains inserted in the computer on a logoff or shutdown event. The idea came to me with the number of computer users logging off and leaving their device in. Over the length of my degree I had handed in these devices so often I decided to do something about it.  My project research consisted of collecting data, this was from students and staff who have either lost or found these devices around university. Research found that people who have lost these devices had stored what they consider confidential information. This ranged from CV’s, bank statements, images and videos and other personal information. Some USB’s that became lost we’re attached to their key rings. This means if their CV or other personal information containing their address, the founder could potentially gain access to their property. A solution to prevent users from losing their devices was a problem that needed to be addressed.

Once marked by the university, the project will be released as an open source utility available on GitHub and TheOpenSourceCo. This is to allow further development and other people to benefit from this tool.